Vanguard Expands Visibility+ Throughout the USA

Vanguard Logistics Services is pleased to announce that Vanguard Visibility+, an innovative and value-added application for cargo receiving, has now been expanded to 31 locations across the USA. The expansion extends the availability of Visibility+ to more than 15 countries and continues Vanguard’s leadership in delivering end-to-end control, visibility and compliance to our customers, across the widest LCL network.

Vanguard's global customers are able to view pictures of their cargo, including the marks and numbers, on the global Vanguard website just a few minutes of the cargo's arrival at Vanguard's CFS facilities. Customers receive a copy of the shipping notes and truck bill, a formatted Dock Receipt complete with piece counts, weight and dimensions and other documents that accompany the shipment within an hour of cargo arriving at the CFS.

Through Vanguard Visibility+, customers are also provided Overage, Shortage and Damage (O, S & D) notifications via e-mail soon after the cargo arrives at the CFS. If there are any differences in what is received as compared to the booking, this module allows Vanguard staff to assist customers in resolving issues much quicker than previously possible.

In conjunction with leading applications and capabilities such as Track and Trace, vRate, Freight Availability and more than 20 industry leading resources, Vanguard continues to advance in end-to-end and global control, compliance and peace of mind to customers.